A Supplemental Statement about Our Vision

Against the backdrop of the eternal forest and the continuous culture of craftsmanship dating back to the Asuka period (c.7th century), in 1920 a group of like-minded locals eager for the development of the region began making bentwood furniture using beech, then considered to be useless wood. Thanks to the single-minded effort and determination of our predecessors, Hida has developed into one of Japanʼ s most iconic furniture producing regions.
The Heart and Skill of Craftsmen means keeping people in mind, continuity over time, perfecting our art, and walking with the forest.
Just as we have sent out furniture into the world that emphasizes the charm of knots and Japanese cedar, we will continue to explore forest resources, be a driving force for their utilization, and bring the warmth of wood to peopleʼ s lives.
Desiring a place where new creations are possible, a place that draws people together with its charm, our vision is to make Hida, the birthplace of the company, hallowed ground for woodworkers.

Keeping People in Mind Walking with the Forest Continuity over Time Perfecting our Art
  • Four Values: The First Axis 

    Two things that craftsmen
    must keep in mind

    Keeping People in Mind

    We are a team of professional woodworkers who contribute to the creation of pleasant times and places through persistent care, consideration, and gratitude for the people who use our products.

    Walking with the Forest

    We are keenly aware that all our work depends on the bounty of the forest, and we coexist with the forest to sustain its rich resources and the life resides there.

  • Four Values: The Second Axis

    The genes of Hida's Craftsmen:
    Tradition and Innovation

    Continuity over Time

    With a history Stretching back to the 7th century, we are proud to inherit the knowledge and skills of our predecessors, and will surely pass the baton to the next generation.

    Perfecting our Art

    We respond boldly to the difficult challenges of each era with technical innovations.

Company Profile


Company name
Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Chairman Sanzo Okada
President Akiko Okada
100 million yen
3180 Urushigaitou Town, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture 506-8686
0577-32-1001 (representative)
308 men, 120 women, 428 in total (as of March 1, 2022)
Business content
Manufacture and sale of furniture and interior goods / Power generation business using natural energy / Forestry / Lumber industry
August 1920
15 minutes by car from JR Takayama Station

Office information

Head office building
Second Factory
Kitsutsuki Forest Research Institute
Hida Craftsman School
3180 Urushigaitou Town, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture 506-8686 Google map
First Factory
Kitsutsuki Forest Power Station
2593 Urushigaitou Town, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture 506-8687 Google map
TEL: 0577-32-1003
FAX: 0577-57-5272
Kamitakara Factory
263 Miza, Kamitakara Town, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture 506-1306 Google map
Hokkaido Factory
194 Okayama, Mikasa City, Hokkaido 068-2165 (Mikasa Industrial Park)Google map
Directly managed stores
There are 7 locations nationwide (Takayama, Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo Kamiyacho, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai)
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