設計事務所ima(イマ) 小林 恭+マナ DESIGN OFFICE IMA



Established in 1998. Design Office IMA is good at designing colorful and happy spaces from homes to stores. IMA have worked on more than 1,000 commercial spaces in 20 years and has adopted the method for the interior of houses, and has a good reputation for the space design that makes the most of its individuality. The Inokashira House, which is our own house, has been covered by more than 40 interview and has become a proposal for a new way of living.

A space design unit comprised of Mana & Takashi Kobayashi, who have experience in private housing architecture, public space and individual products, with an ongoing focus on shop design. Since 2010 the unit has actively extended its playground to overseas, working for the Finnish brand “marimekko” in the designing of the brand’s Helsinki and New York stores. The unit has also been participating in art exhibitions since 2008 in pursuit of new design possibilities.

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